Connection Related Queries:

- Faster speed and affordable internet plans.
- Reliable and uninterrupted service even at peak hours.
- Safety, our priority.
Each area/location has a relative variance in terms of how soon the physical connections / wiring can be laid down to a particular residence. We do however; aim to get a connection installed within 2-4 days after the request, although this might sometimes take longer, depending on the feasibility.
No payment has to be made at the time of applying for the connection on our website or over phone. Our team will contact you to fill the form and will guide you while/during installation how you need to pay the amount equivalent to installation charges and monthly charges for the chosen plan.
No, there is no data limit to impose a restriction on your internet connection. The connection speed doesn't drop during the entire month, irrespective of the amount of data used as its an unlimited plan
Yes you can connect upto 10 devices over Wi-Fi network and around 3-4 devices via LAN.
We offer fast speed unlimited broadband plans in Delhi/NCR. You can check our broadband plans here(link to plans page) and apply for a faster internet connection.
Click on Get SpeedConnect Form, simply choose your area, your desired plan, enter your name, mobile number, e-mail address and your complete address to get started! Our team will be happy to assist you with fastest broadband services in your area.
Alternatively, you can contact us on our helpline 0000000000000
You can simply enter your pincode (as mentioned on the homepage, give link here too) to check broadband availability in your area.
We recommend to check your internet speed at : http://securehotelement.su/

Account Related Queries:

You can login to My Account section on our website and check your bills under Bills section, from where it can also be easily downloaded.
No, the currently chosen/active plan cannot be changed before the duration of the billing period, expires. You can change your plan only after your current subscription is over.
For more information, you may also get in touch with us at 000000000000.

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